Travel Trip:
Abiquiu and northern New Mexico

April 2010
Doug and Ellen

Travel Trip Photo: Volcanic tuff formations, Georgia O'Keefe's white place, near Abiquiu, NM

Doug and Ellen took a trip to Abiquiu and the northern New Mexico area in April 2010. They stayed at a wonderful resort retreat, Rancho de San Juan (which, unfortunately, no longer exists), just north of Espanola, NM and visited Abiquiu and its surrounds, including Georgia O'Keefe's home and Ghost Ranch.

Website photos, with captions and slideshows (with music):

Rancho de San Juan and Ra Paulette's wonderful and mysterious Tree Cave sandstone castle;

Abiquiu area: Ghost Ranch, Georgia O'Keefe's famous 'White Place' limestone cliffs and the Chama River areas.


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