Cloud Ridge Naturalist Trip to southeast Alaska:

Glacier Bay Area

Doug & Ellen & Cloud Ridge Naturalist friends    May 2008

Travel Trip Photo: Reid Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park, Southeast Alaska

Doug and Ellen took a trip to southeast Alaska, 'Wild Ocean Mists: A Naturalist's Journey to Glacier Bay', in May 2008. Led by Audrey Benedict of Cloud Ridge Naturalists and naturalists Dr. Goef Hammerson and Sarah, the trip consisted of 12 wonderful days aboard the Sea Wolf, a 97', 12-passenger beautifully refurbished vessel captained by Kimber Owen and his great crew, winding through seas, inlets and fiords of a portion of Alaska's Glacier Bay and Ghichagof Island areas. In addition to the both exuberant and relaxing time on the water, there was hiking, kayaking, and glacier exploring, and whale, brown and black bear, sea lion, eagle, and seal watching.

For maps of the trip, click: Glacier Bay Map and Chichagof Island Map.

Website photos, with captions and slideshows (with music):
Juneau to Margerie Glacier: including a day of touring Juneau, a (very small) plane ride over to Gustavus in Glacier Bay National Park to board the Sea Wolf, landing and exploring the Reid Glacier, then off to Margerie Glacier;

Margerie Glacier to Gustavus: the stay at Margerie included our first sea Kayaking adventure, sighting a huge brown (grizzly) bear and experiencing a small tsunami caused by a local earthquake.;

Gustavus to Idaho Inlet: After returning to Bartlett Cove (Gustavus) for re-fueling and water, the trip plan was altered (due to increasing poor weather), and the boat moved down the bay, out into and across Icy Strait, (first of many whale sightings), then up into the various arms of Chichagof Island, including Idaho Inlet;

Idaho Inlet back to Gustavus: the Chichagof Island area provided more hiking, kayaking, bird, bear, sea lion, seal and whale watching;

Scenic Plane Ride: before returning to Juneau, we were treated to a scenic plane ride, that retraced our steps up and down Glacier Bay, offering aerial views of the places we had visited, plus some we had not. A spectacular finish!

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