Hiking & Photography Trip
Northern Arizona & Southern Utah:

North Rim of the Grand Canyon;
Kodachrome Basin & Goblin Valley State Parks;
Wire Pass & Willis Creek Slot Canyons

(Brian & Doug, October 2009)

Travel Trip Photo: Sandstone walls forming an arch, mouth of Wire Pass opening into BUckskin Gulch

Brian and Doug took trip to Northern Arizona and Southern Utah in October 2009, to explore, hike, camp and photograph the marvelous wonders of the area.

Website photos, with captions and slideshows (with music):
North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We camped 3 nights at the North Rim Campground, in Grand Canyon National Park. While there we hiked the Uncle Jim, Cape Final, Transept, Cliff Spring and Widforss (partially) trails. We also drove out to and, of course, photographed several of of the scenic areas of the North Rim, as well as the North Rim Lodge area;

Wire Pass Narrow Slot Canyon. After leaving the Grand Canyon we headed north and east to Wire Pass Narrows, a our first slot canyon hike. While there we camped 2 nights at Stateline Campground, a BLM campground that is right on the border between Arizona and Utah, and is the northern terminus of the Arizona Trail;

Kodachrome Basin State Park. Next up we headed back west and north in Utah, to Kodachrome Basin State Park, near Cannonville and Bryce Canyon National Park. We camped there 2 nights and did several of the park's hikes, as well as visiting most of the scenic views;

Willis Creek Narrows Slot Canyon: on our second day at Kodachrome, we drove to and hiked our second slot canyon of the trip;

Upper Calf Creek Falls. As we started our drive back to Green River Utah, and then Denver, we stopped north of Escalante and hiked to Upper Calf Creek Falls, a beautiful oasis in the desert;

Goblin Valley State Park. Later the final afternoon, we visited and did a hike at Goblin valley State Park, located a little less than an hour south of Green River, with its fascinating "goblin-ish" hoodoos, buttes and mesas.

YouTube slide show/videos:
North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Transept Trail, North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Quaking Aspen along Widforss Trail, North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Wildlife, Mule Deer & Kaibab Squirrel, North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Wire Pass Narrows Slot Canyon

Kodachrome Basin State Park

Goblin Valley State Park

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