Travel & Photography Trip:
Colorado Loop

Paonia, Redstone, Marble, Black Canyon, Crested Butte, Taylor Reservoir & Cottonwood Pass

Ellen, Doug & Sandi (Doug's sister); June 2016

Travel Trip Photo: View of Black Canyon of Gunnison, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, from the North Rim


Ellen, Doug and Doug's sister, Sandi; took a Travel and Photography Trip around Colorado, in June 2016, stopping overnight at Glenwood Springs, then visiting Redstone and Marble in the Crystal River Valley before over McClure Pass and down to Paonia. They then spent an afternoon wine tasting at excellent local wineries and a full day touring the North Rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Next they spent the better part of a day driving up over Kebler Pass, stopping along the way for pristine mountain and wildflower views and photos, and then down to Crested Butte, where they stayed overnight. The final day took them to Taylor Reservoir, up over Cottonwood Pass, down to Crested Butte and, finally, home.

Website photos, with captions, and slideshows (with music):
Redstone & Marble: They stopped briefly in Redstone, visiting a local park, that extended on both sides of the Crytal River, and funky Tiffany of Redstone Antiques. They then drove to Marble, where they took a short walk and had a picnic lunch at the Old Mill Site. After lunch they watched workmen load multi-ton Yule marble slabs onto a flatbed with a heavy duty forklift, to be transported to the east coast and then on to Europe, probably Italy. Yule Marble is famous for being used to construct, among others, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC;
Black Canyon of the Gunnison: They spent a day in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, touring the North Rim, with its steep and narrow canyon walls carved out of gneiss and schist, with its pink granite and pegmatite striped intrusions, wildflowers and rock formation, including Big Island, the Camel and the Painted Wall;
Paonia to Crested Butte: The following day they drove from Paonia up into the south western end of the Elk Mountains and over Kebler Pass, then down to Crested Butte. Along the way there were numerous stops to enjoy the spectacular views and take photos. They also took a short side trip to Lost Lake national forest campground, where they had a picnic lunch and enjoyed colorful carpets of bright yellow Glacial Lilies and other wildflowers;
Crested Butte to Cottonwood Pass: After spending the night in Crested Butte, the last day was spent driving leisurely up to Cottonwood Pass, then down to Buena Vista and home. Hightlights along the way included the gorgeous Taylor Reservoir and the high mountains surrounding the area ... Grizzly Peak, the Three Apostles, Ice Mountain and 2 fourteeneers, Mounts Yale and Princeton.

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