Travel & Photography Trip:
Flat Tops Wilderness Area, Colorado mountains

July 2008
Doug, Ellen & BCVN friends

Travel Trip Photo: Blue Columbine, Flat Tops Wilderness Area, Colorado

Doug and Ellen took a trip, with some friends from the Boulder county volunteer naturalists, to the Flat Tops Wilderness Area of the Colorado mountains.

We don't have a full trip report, but you can view Website photos, with captions and slideshow (with music):

Rifle Gap & Drive: They headed northeast from Rifle, Colorado, up into the mountains and stopped at Rifle Gap State Park, home of the spectacular Rifle falls, as well as many wildflowers and volcanic tuff formations. From there they continued north up into the high country of Flat Tops Wilderness Area, with its rugged and beautiful scenery and gorgeous wildflower displays;

Rifle Gap & Drive: After lunch they continued deeper into the Flat Top's, stopping at Deep Canyon and Deep Lake, with more spectacular scenery and wildflowers. They then returned to Rifle and then headed home to the Denver area, stopping along the way at Dotsero Volcano and some nearby incredible geologic folds in the nearby rocks.

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