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Ellen's Journal

February 27

We were up early, had our bags packed and on the dinghies by 7:15. We arrived in Puerto Ayora and boarded a bus which would take us across the island. As a group, we opted out of visiting the Charles Darwin research Center where they rear tortoises for we felt it would be a repeat of the breeding station we visited yesterday.

We made two stops as we rode up and over the island through dry, then lush vegetation and back into dry. The first stop was at huge lava tubes and the second was at two collapses or sinkholes. At the top are scelesia forests which are members of the sunflower family. Though they look like trees, they are merely large sunflowers! The thick stems are moss covered, giving an eerie presence to the forest.

Once we reached the port, we got on a ferry which brought us to Baltra where we transferred to a bus which took us to the airport. All of us were on the flight to Guayaquil, except for Mike and Rita who were staying in Puerto Ayora for a few days, so we had more time to mingle with each other.

Most of our group got off in Guayaquil and the rest went on to Quito. We were met there by Giovanni and Carlos who brought us to The Rincon de Puembo where we will spend the night and leave from early in the morning for our flight back to Miami after our long-awaited and thoroughly fantastic adventure in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.

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