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Ellen's Journal

February 21

We will be having breakfast at 6:30 every day and will depart for shore at 7:30. This morning we headed to Santiago (having moved from Santa Cruz during the night) and Sullivan Bay where we took about a 2 hour hike on the lava. Angelika explained the volcanism of the island. The last eruption here was about 120 years ago. Most of the lava is pahoehoe, which is smooth and ropy. Small white lines indicate where cracks are beginning to form. In some of the larger cracks, there is a plant growing. However, because of the drought, these are stringy and sere. We saw areas of collapse as well as areas of smooth lava which indicate greater heat. There are a kind of tree, members of the aster family, that grow to look like broccoli stalks, sort of.

We were treated to lava lizards, a warbler, Galapagos flycatchers, a lava heron, blue-footed boobies dive bombing fish, a finch, a Galapagos mocking bird, and a Galapagos hawk, soaring overhead.

Everyone went snorkeling, except me. I sat on the beach and took in the view and saw a Galapagos shark swimming close to the shore. Doug snorkeled for the first time and swam with a penguin!

After lunch and siesta, we took a dinghy ride along the lava cliffs to view the Galapagos penguins as they walked on the lava and swam in the waves, which sometimes knocked them down. We saw a blue-footed booby sitting on a rock, preening, as we rounded Pinnacle Rock, getting our first close up view of the blue feet. We landed at the beach and again had the opportunity to snorkel. I had brought my umbrella along and was comfortable and shaded, watching the waves and the clouds in this magical place.

After about half an hour, we returned to the boat, changed out of wet clothes, and were taken to Bartolome Island to walk the path, which is a combination of boardwalk and stairs, to the top which gave us ionic views so associated with these islands. Angelika told more about the features of the volcanoes and the lava. It was a lovely end to the day.

We traveled overnight to just north of the equator and moored off of Genovesa. Sleep will be a challenge as the noise of the anchor raising and lowering is a bit jarring!

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