Travel & Photography Trip:
Flagstaff and Sedona area

Wupakti, Sunset Crater & Walnut Creek Canyon National Monuments; Elden Pueblo; Oak Creek Canyon; Sedona area; Jerome; Montezuma Well; Doe Mountain, Fay Canyon & Courthouse Butte Trails

Ellen & Doug; May 2016

Travel Trip Photo: View of Cathedral Rock, with a Prickly Pear Cactus in the foreground and Courthouse Butte in the background, Sedona, Arizona


Doug and Ellen took a Travel and Photography Trip to the Flagstaff and Sedona Arizona area, Arizona in May 2016.

Website photos, with captions, and slideshows (with music):
Wupatki National Monument: On the way into Flagstaff, they turned off the main highway and did a 31-mile scenic loop drive through Wupatki National Monument, a spectacular area containing ancient Sinaguan puebloan ruins datings back 10,000 years;
Sunset Crater & Walnut Canyon National Monuments; Elden Pueblo: After leaving Wupatki, they toured Sunset Create National Monument, the site a volcano eruption less than 1,000 years old. The following day they visited another, smaller, ancestral puebloan ruins site, Walnut Canyon National Monuent and Elden Pueblo, a ruin site where Doug and Ellen had worked on a dig for a day back in 1998;
Oak Creek Canyon, Jerome, Montezuma Well: Then off to Sedona, driving, and stoping at scenic overlooks along the way, in beautiful Oak Creek Canyon. Side trips during their 3-day, 3-night stay in Sedona, included side trips to the quaint, historic town of Jerome, up in the mountains west of Sedona, and a drive down to Montezuma Well, the site of a very large natural spring utilized by ancient peoples and part of Montezuma Castle National Monument;
Sedona's Redrocks and other scenery: Early mornings, throughout the days and evenings were all photo op times!;
Courthouse Butte trail: A hike on the Courthouse Butte trail, on the southeast side of town, showcases Sedona's diversity and beauty, providing a sweeping array of photographic opportunities - redrock landscape panoramas, mesas, butte, pinnacle, flara including cactus, agave, other century plants and succulents and wildflowers;
Doe Mountain, Fay canyon & Cockscomb trails: Hikes up Doe Mountain, into Fay Canyon and along the Cockscomb trail, located near each other on the northwest side of the city, afforded more elbow-rubbing with Sedona's flora, wandering in and out of Juniper and Pinyon Pine amid all the local desert flora.

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