Hiking, Photography & Photography Trip
to Southern Utah:

Goblin Valley & Kodachrome Basin State Parks, Ding, Dang & Little Wildhorse Slot Canyons, Burr Trail and Bryce Canyon National Park

(Brian & Doug, September 2014)

Travel Trip Photo: Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Brian and Doug returned to Southern Utah in September 2014, to explore, hike, camp and photograph the marvelous wonders of the area.

Website photos, with captions and slideshows (with music):
Goblin Valley State Park, Ding & Dang Slot Canyons: We spent 2 nights at fairyland Goblin Valley State Park. While there we hiked part way up Ding and Dang slot Canyons and back, stopping at both when we reached technical obstacles;

Little Wildhorse Slot Canyon: This was a return hike to Little Wildhorse, which we had done a year ago as a loop with Bell Canyon. This year we hiked up and back, experiencing the narrow twists and turns, spectacular lighting, shadows and outcrops from both directions;

Burr Trail Scenic Backway: Thwarted again by heavy rains that prevented any slot canyon hiking in the Escalante area, we headed north to the Scenic drive east of Boulder, Utah, with towering desert varnished sandstone canyon walls and a short hike down a dry streambed and into a small slot canyon;

Kodachrome State Park: This was also a return trip, from the fall of 2009. We camped 2 nights at the State Park campground, and hiked 7+ mile Panorama loop trail, including the Secret Passage spur trail and the spur loop trail to Cool Cave;

Bryce Canyon National Park:. We then spent our final day visiting Bryce Canyon National Park. We hiked down the Under-the-Rim Trail, did the Peek-a-Boo Loop, meandering under arches and natural bridges and among the magical hoodoos, and returned the the rim.

YouTube slide show/videos:
Goblin Valley State Park, Ding & Dang Slot Canyons

Little Wildhorse Slot Canyon

Burr Trail

Kodachrome State Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

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