Travel Trip to Spain:
Costa del Sol
and Andalucia regions

Doug, Ellen,
Sandi and Ivan
January 2011

Travel Trip Photo: Beach on the Mediterranean Sea, looking south toward Dona Lola resort in Calahonda, Spain

Doug and Ellen took a trip to the Costa del Sol and Andalucia regions of Spain with Doug's sister, Sandi, and her husband, Ivan, in January 2011. They stayed in a wonderful condo at the Dona Lola resort in Calahonda, 30 miles south of Malaga. Their condo was right on the Mediterranean, providing spectacular sunrises and sunsets and views, including the Strait of Gibraltor, the Pillars of Hercules and the Moroccan coast of Africa. In addition to enjoying the scenery and numerous walks on the beach, they took day trips to Gibaltor, the ancient white town of Ronda, Granada and Mijas Pueblo, before enjoying a final day and night in Torremolinos.

Website photos, with captions and slideshows (with music):
Stay in Calahonda;

Tour of Gibraltar;

Day trips to Ronda & Granada;

Day trip to Mijas, Stay in Torremolinos.

You can also view Doug's slide show/video of the trip on YouTube: Spain - Costa del Sol and Andalucia regions January 2011.


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