2013 Raptor Tour to south Texas:

Austin to Rio Grande Valley, Laguna Atascosa and Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuges, Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley and Estero Llano State Parks

(Doug & David; June 2013)

Travel Trip Photo: Crested Caracara on their nest in grass tree, Laguna Atascos National Wildlife Refuge, south Texas

Doug and David took a trip, the 2013 South Texas Raptor Tour in June 2013. They flew from Denver to Austin, rented a car and headed south for the Rio Grande Valley. First stop was Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, just north of Brownsville. Along the way they saw several Harris Hawks and numerous Crested Caracaras 'grazing' in the fields along the roadside at dusk. Highlighted sightings during their 2+ day stay at Laguna Atascosa were more Crested Caracas nesting in grass trees, White-tailed Hawks, Ospreys, Great Blue Heron, a rare Aplomado Falcon and a brief look at an even rarer Texas Ocelot. Next they moved north and west along the Rio Grande river, splitting time primarily between Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge and Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park. They also made stops at Estero Llano State Park, the Old Hidalgo Pumphouse and Palo Alto Battlefield National Park, where they found more Harris Hawks, plus Gray Hawks and White-tailed Kites among the many bird species occupying the greater Rio Grande Valley.

Website photos, with captions and slideshows (with music):
Austin to Rio Grande Valley; Laguna Atascosa NWR: ;

Santa Ana NWR; Bentsen SP: .

YouTube slide show/video:
Raptors (and other birds & critters) of South Texas

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