Travel & Photography Trip
to southern Utah:

San Rafael Reef,
Fremont Indians State Park,
Lower Antelope Canyon,
Glen Canyon Dam,
Wire Pass, Toadstools,
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park,
Zion National Park

(Ellen & Doug, May 2014)

Travel Trip Photo: Navajo Sandstone walls in Lower Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona

Ellen and Doug took a road trip to Southern Utah in May 2014. They toured, explored, hiked and, of course, photographed the marvelous wonders of the area.

Website photos, with captions and slideshows (with music):
San Rafael Reef / Fremont Indians State Park: Crossing the geologic wondor known as the San Rafael Reef (or Swell), with its middle to upper Jurassic (135-160 million years old) sandstone formations, uplifts, faults and folds, and stopping to briefly explore the Fremont Indians State Park, with its 1,300-1,800 petroglyphs and pictographs;

Lower Antelope Canyon: taking a tour of Lower Antelope Canyon, part of the Lake Powell Navajon Tribal Park, and one the most spectacular and often photographed slot canyon in the Southwest. Doug says the only ways you cannot get stunning photos there is if you forget to bring the camera or to put batteries in it!

Glen Canyon Dam area: say what one will about whether they are wonders or atrocities, the dam and Lake Powell are spectacular, as is the surrounding high desert;

Wire Pass area: hiking to and part way through Wire Pass, another spectacular slot canyon, in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, followed by a day trip down the backcountry House Rock Valley Road, all the way to Vermillion Cliffs National Monument and its California Condor release point. We also started 2 mornings of our trip by visiting the Kanab BLM office to enterlottery drawings for permits to hike the Wave, but with no success;

Toadstools: hiking to and exploring the Toadstools, another Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument geologic wonder of hoodoos and columns carved and eroded out of Entrada sandstone, and surrounded by a sea of desert flora in bloom;

Coral Pink Sand Dunes & Zion National Park: briefly exploring Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, although our visit was cut short by strong and gusting winds. We then spent our final day visiting Zion National Park, using the very functional shuttle service to take us up Zion Canyon, where we hopped off and on at will for photo stops and short hikes, including the Virgin River Trail that leads to the famous Narrows at the head of the canyon.

YouTube slide show/videos:
Lower Antelope Canyon

Wire Pass

The Toadstools

Zion National Park

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