Travel Trip to Argentina

Weaving Andean Stories:
Tracing Argentina's Cultural
Heritage and Textile Traditions

Ellen and friends; November 2011

Travel Trip Photo: Jacaranda tree, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ellen traveled with ten other women to Argentina to explore the cultural heritage and textile traditions of the country. "Weaving Andean Stories," a Cloud Ridge Naturalists tour, in conjuction with Causana Viajes, focused on two very different areas: the Argentine Northwest where the weaving traditions have strong Incan and Spanish influences and Patagonia where the weavings have no foreign influences and is an art passed down from mother to daughter. The group not only met with weavers and spinners, participating in workshops in which we shared and learned techniques, but also explored many extraordinary natural and cultural sites. It was a trip in which beauty, laughter, art, and connection flourished.

Website photos, with captions and slideshows (with music) are broken down into 3 sections:

Section I: Buenos Aires, Jujuy and Salta Provinces, including Puerto Madero, the Florida St. market and the Jose Hernandez Museum in Buenos Aires, Purmamarca, Seven-color Mtn, the Los Colorados Trail, driving up the Cuesta de Lipan to Salinas Grandes, Pucara de Tilcara, including the Museo de la Vida Campesina, unrestored ruins, the ceremonial plaza and the Botannical Garden de Atura, excursions on the scenic Cuesta de Obispo, visits to Salta, Molinos, Cachi, Parque Nacional Los Cardones and Guzman Weavers, plus spinning, weaving and felting workshops;

Section II: Patagonia - Chubut and Santa Cruz Provinces, including visits to Gualjaina, Cushamen, El Saltillo, Canadon de la Buitrera, Piedra Parada, Los Antiguos, Canadon del Rio Pinturas and the Cave of the Hands, a wool scouring plant in Comodoro Rividavia, plus spinning and felting workshops;

Section III: Traveling companions.

7 YouTube slide show/videos are also available:
Buenos Aires
Purmamarca area
Cuesta de Lipan to Salinas Grandes
Pucara de Tilcara
Salta to Cachi (and back)
Patagonia: Gualjaina area
Patagonia: Los Antiguos, Cave of the Hands, Pico Truncada, Comordoro Rividavia


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