Hiking, Backpacking & Photography Trip
Grand Canyon National Park

Hiking the Nankoweap Trail down from the North Rim to the Colorado River and back

(Brian & Doug; May 2001 & October 2005)

Travel Trip Photo: View from Tilted Mesa campsite,  upper Nankoweap Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


Doug and Brian took a Hiking, Backpacking and Photography Trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. This trip report is a compilation of two trips, the first in May of 2001 and the follow-up in October 2005

Website photos, with captions, and slideshows (with music):
The Hike Down: after spending an afternoon and night at the North Rim Campground and Visitor area, they drove out the the trailhead for Kaibab national Forest Trail #57 and took it approximately 4 miles into the Grand Canyon National Park to the Nankoweap Trai trailhead, They then spent 2 days hiking down the Nankoweap Trail to Nankoweap Creek, spending 1 night at Tilted Mesa;
At the Bottom: After taking a layover day to climbed Nankoweap Butte, they hiked down Nankoweap Creek to the Colorado, climbed up the some Ancient Puebloan grainery ruins, and camped on the beach at the confluence of Little Nankoweap Creek and the Colorado River, before returning back up Nankoweap Creek;
The Hike Out: The final two days were spent returning up the Nankoweap trail to the rim, camping at Moran Point along the way, and returning across Trai #57 to their car at the trailhead.;

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