Backpacking & Photography Trip
Grand Canyon-

Tanner and Beamer Trails
to Confluence
of Colorado/Little Colorado Rivers
... and Back

Brian, Doug & Glenn; October 2002

Travel Trip Photo: Tuff formations along day hike, Castle Rock Campground area, Fremont State Park, Utah

Brian, Doug and friend Glenn took a road trip from the Denver, Colorado area to the Grand Canyon, then backpacked down the Tanner Trail, out the Beamer Trail to the Confluence of the Colorado and Little Colordo Rivers, and back out, in October 2002.

Website photos, with captions, and slideshows (with music):
Down Tanner Trail: Along the drive from Denver to the Grand Canyon, they drove through Monument Valley in southern Utah/northern Arizona. They arrived at Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, where they explored and photographed views into the Canyon. The following morning they drove back out to Lipan Point, thne backpacked down the Tanner Trail to Tanner Beach, on the Colorado River, where they spent the first night;
Beamer Trail to Confluence and Back: The following morning they headed out the Beamer Trail along the Colorado River, toward its Confluence with the Little Colordo River. The plan had been to go almost all the way (9+ miles) to the Confluence and then camp for 2 nights, on a small beach, at the edge of the river, allowing a full layover day to explore the area around the Confluence. But bad weather caused a change in plans. So they set up camp at Palisades Creek, only 3+ miles up the Beamer, to wait out the rains. They spent the night there and late the next morning, When the weather broke unexpectedly, Doug and Brian decided to day hike to the Confluence and back, while Glenn decided to stay back at the camp. This created a day hike round trip on nearly 13 miles and only allowed Doug and Brian a couple of hours to explore the Confluence. They returned to their camp at Palisades late in the afternoon and spent a second night there. On day 4, they hiked back to Tanner Beach and spent the 4th night there;
Tanner Trail Out: Day 5 was spent hiking back up the lower half of the Tanner trail, back through the spectacular geology of the Pre-Cambrian Grand Canyon Supergroup formations, to camp at the top of the top of the Redwall. On day 6 they hiked up and out, to Lipan Point, loaded up the car and headed home, back to Denver.