Grand Canyon Traverse
South Bass & North Bass trails

September 2003

Brian and Doug
(with Wes' help)

Backpacking and Photography Trip Photo: Waterfall along White Creek, North Bass Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

In the fall of 2003 Brian and Doug went to the Grand Canyon and did a cross-canyon backpacking trek. They hiked down the South Bass Trail, from the South Rim to the Colorado River, and camped one night at South Bass Beach. The next morning they 'hitched' a ride across the river on a commercial raft and then spent the next 5 days hiking up the North Bass Trail from the river to Swamp Point on the North Rim.

Special thanks to Wes, who drove us from the Denver area to the Grand Canyon's South Rim, then out to Pasture Wash and the South Bass trailhead. Wes then drove back and all the way around to the North Rim and out to the North Bass trailhead at Swamp Point. After picking us up at the end of our hike, Wes drove us back on the Swamp Point road, which was by then the firewall for a raging forest fire in the area, and then, finally, back home to Colorado.

You can view Website photos, with captions and slideshow (with music):

South Bass Trail: 7.8 miles from rim to river, dropping just under 4,500', from 6,646' on the South Rim to approximately 2,180 at the Colorado River. They lucked out the next morning and got a ride across the river by mid-morning;

Lower North Bass Trail: After landing on the north shore, they proceeded to the lower North Bass Trail and started up, spending much of the day wading up Shinumo Creek. On Day 3 they continued up the Creek and camped the 3rd night at the confluence of Shinumo and White Creeks. Day 4 took them up White Creek, through its narrows and out onto the Tonto Platform;

Upper North Bass Trail: The remaining days they continued up the White Creek drainage, past such notable landmarks as Dox Castle, Holy Grail Temple and King Arthur and Geninevere Castle. The last night was spent camping on the saddle between Powell Plateau and Swamp Point, before exploring Teddy's Cabin and then taking the short hike out to Swamp Point, completing the 13.5 mile trek from River to Rim..

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