Grand Canyon Hiking and Backpacking Trip:
Kanab and Jumpup Canyons, Kwagunt and Sowats Hollows:
May 2004

Doug and Brian

Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Doug in the Narrows of Jumpup Canyon, north rim, the Grand Canyon

Doug and Brian hiked down the Jumpup-Nail trail from Sowat's Point, on the north rim of the Grand Canyon, to Kwagunt Hollow. We then went down Jumpup Canyon, through the Narrows to the confluence with Kanab Canyon. The original plan had been to follow Kanab Canyon and Kanab Creek all the way to the Colorado River, but after going past Showerbath Springs and then down to Scotty's Castle and Scotty's Hollow, we decided to change course. So we turned around and hiked back up Kanab Canyon, back through the Narrows and up Jumpup Canyon, then up Sowats Creek and Sowats Hollow. Finally, we climbed up onto the Esplanade and crossed back to upper Kwagunt Hollow and out the Jumpup-Nail trail. The trip encompassed 7 days and 6 nights.

Website photos, with captions and slideshows (with music):

Day 1: Kwagunt Hollow and Jumup Canyon to Kanab Canyon;

Days 2 & 3: Kanab Canyon to Scotty's Hollow and back;

Days 4-7: Back up Jumpup Canyon and part way up Kwagunt Hollow, then down over and part way up Sowats Hollow, then up and accross the Esplanade to upper Kwagunt Hollow and back out to Sowats Point.

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