Grand Canyon Hiking & Backpacking Trip:
Return to the Escalante

Tanner-Rim to River; Escalante Route-Tanner Beach to Red Canyon

Tonto Trail-Red Canyon to Hance Canyon; Spur trail to Horseshoe Mesa; Grandview Trail-Horseshoe Mesa to South Rim

Brian, Doug, Ethan & David       June 2009

Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Moon rising over Cardenas Butte, south rim, the Grand Canyon

Doug, David, Brian and Ethan (Brian's son) hiked down the Tanner trail from Lipan Point to the Colorado River at Tanner beach. They then crossed the Escalante route west to the Cardenas/Escalante saddle, then down into Seventy-five (75) mile canyon, over and up the Papago ledges, then down and over to Hance Rapid at Red Canyon. Finally, they picked up the beginning of the Tonto trail and took it to Horseshoe Mesa, before ascending the Grandview trail to Lipan Point. The trip encompassed 6 days and 5 nights.

Website photos, with captions and slideshows (with music):

Tanner-Escalante: Tanner Trail - Rim to River (Lipan Point to Tanner Beach); Escalante Route - Tanner Beach to Red Canyon (base of the New Hance Trail and Hance Rapid);

Tonto-Grandview: Tonto Trail - Red Canyon to Hance Canyon; Spur trail to Horseshoe Mesa (after a water stop at Page Spring); Grandview Trail - Horseshoe Mesa to South Rim (Grandview Point).

You can also view Doug's composite video/slide show of the trip on YouTube.

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