Travel & Photography Trip
Touring the South Rim
The Grand Canyon

West Rim Trail
Trail of Time

Doug & Brian
November 2015

Travel Trip Photo: Phantom Ranch & Sumner Butte in clouds, from Trail of Time near Yavapai Point, Grand Canyon National Park

Brian and Doug took a trip to the Grand Canyon in November 2015. They had originally planned to hike down the Grandview Trail, loop around Horseshoe Mesa on the Tonto Trail, then back up and out to the South Rim. This would have been a repeat of a 1999 hike but, like on the first trip, weather did not cooperate. This time an early winter snowstorm made the trails icy and potentially dangerous, so, instead they spent 5 days touring the South Rim and enjoying the splendor of a winter wonderland on the Grand Canyon's South Rim.

Website photos, with captions, and slideshows (with music):
Coming and Going: Coming to the Grand Canyon and Going back home to Colorado, that is. A photo gallery of the scenes along the drives and along the South Rim at Grand Canyon Village;
Hiking the West Rim Trail: A wonderful 12+ mile roundtrip day hike from the Bright Angel Lodge in Grand Canyon Village, along the South Rim, out to Hermit's Rest on the West Rim. Paralleling the road, we could hike out from east to west and then take a shuttle back to the Village, or jump on and off at various points;
Hiking the Trail of Time: The trail can be walked in either direction and represents 2+ billion years of time and geologic change. We walked the 1.3 miles west to east from Grand Canyon Village to Yavapai Geology Museum, walking forward in time, where each meter represents one million years of Grand Canyon's geologic history. The final segment is the "Million Year Trail", which transitions from human time scales to geologic ones.