Day 1 Saturday Travel Day--Transition

Doug shows up close to 10:30 a.m. - I'm mostly ready so the car is packed and we are on our way by 10:45. A couple blocks up the road, I notice that Doug has a coffee mug - I do not. So its back home, sneak in another kiss good-bye and with coffee mug in the car holder, we have officially started. On I-70, the TAPE IS PLAYED (The Rockies' Theme song, Nostalgia by Yanni, played before each home game several years ago, has become OUR Grand Canyon) song. The trip now has really started. Business discussions are given no more than one hour. Within 40 minutes it is time for the second transition - the book tapes. Sue Grafton or Spenser or Dick Frances or whoever. The miles pass, scenery is watched, concentration is on the story. The normal routine moves away.
Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Camp 1 - Moab and the Colorado River We find a campsite along the Colorado River just out of Moab, Utah at 5:00 p.m. It looks like we could have rain, so we set the 4-man tent up, just in case. We then head to town for supper (fast food to bring back) and phone calls home. I leave message for Diane. Later I try the cell phone, but have no luck. At 6:30, we sit next to the river to eat and read. We each select an open site for our ground cloth, pad and sleeping bag. We are in bed by 8:30. Raindrops come a couple of times but not enough to have to go into the tent.. The skies sort of clear around 10:15, so the night wake-ups give views into the Universe way out there, somewhere.

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