Day 4: Tuesday - Enjoy Day

Morning brings the views not seen at night. A 100 year old century plant on a ridge, a branch with leaves that creates a puppet show just for me.

Wes goes ahead to scout out the West fork for possible RUNNING water. Doug and I head out shortly thereafter. We spot Wes waiting on the other side. No water. We confer. We must head back as we must have water. On the hike back, we notice several more pools below our meager pool of last night. We select the largest of the pools and set up an assembly line. I fill bottles from the pool. Doug and Wes fill the bottles and platypus bags. Since Wes left his pack, we get his water ready first. He heads back with all but a couple of bottles, empties are much easier to carry. 25 quarts and about 3 inches from the pool we our again on our way, finally, at 8:45.

Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Rabbit Ears on the south
rim The walk today is pure joy. The miles pass, the views slowly change. I am within myself. That's why I come here.
We reach Boulder at 12:00 where we take a major noon break. Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Lunch at Boulder Canyon -
Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Camp 4 - Lonetree Canyon -
rim We head out around 1:00 and arrive a Lonetree at 3:00. Its daylight! This is a read, write, sit and look time.
Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Zoroaster Temple on the north
at sunset

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