Day 6 Thursday On to Indian Gardens

I wake at 5:00. I watch day begin while listening to music of the canyon. We have our first breakfast at the ranch. Scrambled eggs, bacon, peaches, pancakes, orange juice and coffee. Most are heading up on the mules today. There are a few dorm and cabin hikers. Wes decides to head out at 8:40. He will find us a campsite at Indian Gardens.
Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Phantom Ck
waterfalls Doug and I had decided to explore Phantom Creek. One of our tablemates of last night had hiked this section several years ago. 30 minutes up the North Kaibab we hop rocks to cross the Bright Angel and then head up Phantom Canyon. A waterfall blocks our path but a well hiked scramble section leads us onward. We find the downed trees from beavers several years ago who tried to establish a home. They did not make it. We turn a 35 minutes. Back on the North Kaibab trail, I decide to run back. Doug accomplished his first run this spring (on the Tonto trail between the Tip-off and Cremation Canyon), so I felt I had to catch up. Not a long run, but definitely exhilarating.
We have a couple of beers then head down to the River where we have lunch. Then its time to head out. We have 7.0 miles and 2080 feet to gain. Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Brian at South Kaibab trail

This is one of the most fun sections of the Tonto because of the winding trail needed to cover a visually very short distance. Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Tonto looking
west Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Pipe Ck Canyon
north Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Pipe Ck Canyon

Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Indian Gardens - Camp
6 We arrive at Indian Gardens at 4:15. Wes, in our estimation, has the best of sites. It is a leisure time before sleep.

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