Day 7: Friday - Out Day

Wes again leaves early. He's on the trail at 7:00. Doug and I head out at 7:20. Doug's pace is, thankfully, slower than that on the Grandview, yet we make good time. We catch up with Wes make sure we have his key and head on up into the world of tourist. Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Bright Angel trail

We reach the rim a little at 2:30 . The beer is still cold and tastes excellent. We top at the Back Country Ranger Office and give them an update of water conditions on the Tonto. We wonder if they use or pass on our information to the other Rangers. Then its off to the Visitor Center to check and see if there are any new books posters, etc. We head on out and get Wes's car. We get back to Bright Angel trailhead and he has waited some 20 minutes for us--OOPS!!

We shower, eat at the cafeteria and then, before parting, the three of us walk out to Shoshone Point for a look at where we'd been:

Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Horseshoe Mesa
panorama Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Boulder Canyon
Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Newton Butte Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Cremation Canyon Grand Canyon Hike Photo: South Kaibab Trail
Then it's good-bye. As we leave the park, we listen to the music of the canyon. Then, it's book-tapes as we head home. Finally, after Blanding, we find a forest service campground where it true car camping. Drop the bag next to the car. Sleep. Lasal NF CG

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