Two Ol' Farts Who Love to Hike

Contents Page: 1998 Grand Canyon Hiking and Backpacking Trip: Grandview, Cottonwood, Tonto, South Kaibab, Bright Angel Trails


Day 1: Drive to the Grand Canyon

Day 2: Moonlight Hike on the Grandview Trail from Grandview Pt to Horseshoe Mesa

Day 3: Horseshoe Mesa to Grandview Pt and back on the Grandview Trail; Cottonwood Ck and Tonto Trails from Horseshoe Mesa to            Grapevine Canyon

Day 4: Tonto Trail from Grapevine Canyon to Lonetree Canyon

Day 5: Tonto and So. Kaibab Trails from Lonetree Canyon to Phantom Ranch

Day 6: So. Kaibab and Tonto Trails from Phantom Ranch to Indian Gardens

Day 7: Bright Angel Trail from Indian Gardens to South Rim

Day 8: Leaving the Grand Canyon

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