Grand Canyon Hike: Grandview/Tonto/So. Kaibab/Tonto/Bright Angel Trails; October 1998; Brian, Doug and Wes

Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Grandview trail, Horseshoe Mesa, Grapevine Canyon
Trails Illustrated Map

Text by Brian; Photos by Doug, Wes, and Brian

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Planned Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip

Day 1 Oct   3: Drive to outside of Moab, Utah. Camp by the Colorado River.
Day 2 Oct   4: Arrive at the Grand Canyon around 2:00. Evening hike down to Horseshoe Mesa Campground in the full moon. 3.2 Miles.
Day 3 Oct   5: Take the Spur Trail to Miners Spring, get water, go down to the Tonto, Camp at Grapevine East (Left) Fork.11.2 Miles.
Day 4 Oct   6: Load up on water, hike the Tonto to Boulder Canyon, then on to Lonetree Canyon. 7.5 Miles.
Day 5 Oct   7: Continue on the Tonto to Cremation Canyon, then on to the South Kaibab Trail and down to Bright Angel Campground. 7.5 Miles.
Day 6 Oct   8: Back up the South Kaibab Trail, then the Tonto to Indian Gardens. 6.4 Miles.
Day 7 Oct   9: Up to the rim on the Bright Angel. 4.6 Miles.
Day 8 Oct 10: Drive home. (Argh!)
Total miles: 40.2


Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Angel's Gate, Wotan's Throne, Vishnu Temple This was to be our first experiment with lightweight backpacking. Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Grandview Trail & Horseshoe Mesa

Both Doug and I were trying to get our base weight (without food and water) to under 25 pounds. Water for the long section between Grapevine and Phantom Ranch would add 17 pounds at the start of day 3. Check out our gear lists.

This would also be our first major hike in the Grand Canyon in running shoes instead of our hiking boots.

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