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Join us on our continuing 40+ year old journey - Hiking and Backpacking in the Grand Canyon, Climbing Colorado14ers, Backpacking and Hiking on the Colorado Trail, Slot Canyon and other Adventures: Photos, Maps, Trip and Trail Descriptions with Slide Shows and Music, Lightweight Backpacking Tips and Unique Trail Theories.

Grand Canyon Hiking and Backpacking Trips:

Grand Canyon Hikes Picture Collage
In 1994, we switched our focus from mountains to canyons, specifically the Grand Canyon. Since then we have made 35+ backpacking trips below the rim, logging 1,000+ inner canyon miles and 125+ nights below the rim, many of them along the Colorado River. We hope you enjoy our many and varied adventures!
Rainbow Rim. Hike on the Rainbow Rim Area of the North Rim of Grand Canyon: June 2017 Doug and Brian Travel Trip Photo: Thunder River & Landscape from Timp Point, Rainbow Rim, North Rim of Grand Canyon, Kaibab National Forest, Arizona
Ancient Puebloan Petroglyphs & Pictographs. Hike into Snake Gulch in the Kanab Wilderness Area of the Grand Canyon: May 2012 Doug and Brian Grand Canyon Photo: Petroglyph in Snake Gulch, Kanab Wilderness Area of the Grand Canyon
Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon: Oct 2011 Doug and Brian Grand Canyon Photo: Trail entering Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon
West Rim, Bright Angel, River, North and South Kaibab trails . April 2011 Doug and Brian Grand Canyon Photo: Sunset from Bright Angel campground at Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon
3 Days on the Edge : South Bass & Tonto trails to Copper Canyon. June 2010 Doug and David;     Unsuccessful Return: Kanab Wilderness area, Sept 2010 Doug and Brian Grand Canyon Photo: Sandstone ledges, Copper Canyon, south rim, Grand Canyon
Tanner, Escalante, Tonto, Grandview trails: Jun 2009 Doug, David, Brian and Ethan Grand Canyon Hiking & Backpacking Trip: Return to the Escalante; Tanner-Rim to River; Escalante Route-Tanner Beach to Red Canyon; Tonto Trail-Red Canyon to Hance Canyon; Spur trail to Horseshoe Mesa; Grandview Trail-Horseshoe Mesa to South Rim
Grand Canyon Summits (sort of): Oct 2008 Brian and Doug Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Wotan's Throne and Vishnu Temple  from Shoshone Point,  Grand Canyon National Park
Tanner Trail: Oct 2007 Doug and Brian Grand Canyon Photo: Tanner Trail Trip
South Canyon: May 2007 Brian and Doug Grand Canyon Photo: South Canyon Trip; Colorado River and Redwall cliffs at South Canyon
Nankoweap Trail; Doug and Brian; May 2001 & October 2005 Travel Trip Photo: View from Tilted Mesa campsite,  upper Nankoweap Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Kanab/Jumpup Canyons: May 2004 Doug and Brian Grand Canyon Photo: Kanab/Jumpup Trip
South Bass/North Bass cross-canyon traverse: September 2003 Doug and Brian Backpacking and Photography Trip Photo: Waterfall along White Creek, North Bass Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Thunder River/Deer Creek Loop: Doug and Brian, May 2003 Backpacking and Photography Trip Photo: View of Deer Creek Falls from the Colorado River beach at Deer Creek, north rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Tanner-Beamer-Tanner: Colorado/Little Colorado Confluence, Brian, Doug and Glenn, October 2002 Travel Trip Photo: Colorado River and North Rim from top of Redwall along Tanner Trail, South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
South Bass/Royal Arch Loop: October 2001 Brian and Doug Travel Trip Photo: Royal Arch (Natural Bridge), South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Grandview/Tonto/Cottonwood Creek/Grandview Trails: April 1999 Brian and Doug Grand Canyon Photo: Grandview Loop Trip
Grandview/Tonto/So. Kaibab/Tonto/BrightAngel Trails: October 1998 Brian, Doug and Wes Grand Canyon Photo: Grandview Trip
So. Kaibab/Bright Angel Trails: May 1998 Doug, Brian, Harley and Christopher Grand Canyon Hike Photo: South Kaibab-Bright
Angel Trip
            (A Special Memorial Tribute)
Tanner/Beamer/Escalante/New Hance Trails: November 1996 Doug, Brian and Wes Grand Canyon Hike Photo: Tanner Trip
The Beginning: North Kaibab-Phantom Ranch-South Kaibab. October 1994 Doug and Brian Travel Trip Photo: Fall color & South Rim inner gorge from Phantom Ranch

Additional Grand Canyon Hikes we have done:

Bright Angel/Bright Angel: November 2012 Brian and Doug; May 2015 Brian and Doug
So. Kaibab/No.Kaibab/Bright Angel: November 2011 Brian and Doug
Hermit/Boucher/Tonto/Crystal Rapids/Tonto/Hermit Trails: October 2006 Brian and Doug
So. Kaibab/Clear Creek/So. Kaibab Trails: May 2006 Doug and Brian
So. Bass/Tonto Trails/Copper Canyon : May 2005 Doug, Brian and Glenn;
Havasu Canyon/Supai: October 2004 Brian, Doug and Wes
Thunder River/Deer Creek Loop: May 2003 Brian and Doug
Tanner/Beamer/Tanner Trails: October 2002 Brian, Doug and Glenn
So. Bass/Esplanade/Royal Arch/Tonto/So. Bass Trails: October 2001 Doug and Brian
So. Bass/Tonto/Boucher/Hermit Trails: October 2000 Doug and Brian
Hermit/Boucher/Tonto/Hermit Trails: May 2000 Brian and Doug
Ken Patrick/Old Bright Angel/No. Kaibab/Clear Ck/No. Kaibab Trails: October 1999 Doug and Brian
New Hance/Tonto/Grandview Trails: September 1997 Brian, Doug and Wes Tanner/Beamer(partial)/Escalante/New Hance: November 1996 Brian, Doug and Wes
So. Kaibab/Bright Angel Trails: May 1996 Brian, Diane (his Wife), Paul (his Step-son) and Judy (Paul's Wife); May 2002 Brian, Carissa (his niece), Ethan (his son, Kari (his daughter) and Glen;
Hermit/Tonto/Hermit Ck/Tonto/Monument Ck/Tonto/Bright Angel Trails: October 1995 Doug, Brian and Wes
No. Kaibab/So. Kaibab Trails: May 1994 Brian and Wes; June 2002 Doug and David (his Son); September 2004: Doug, Brian, Paul (Brian' step-son) and Judy (Paul's wife)

Colorado Fourteeners Climbing and Backpacking Trips:

Colorado 14ers Climbs Picture Collage
Doug and Brian hooked up in 1976 to climb their first Colorado Fourteener together (although Brian had climbe several earlier, beginning in 1970). Since then, they have each climbed over 40 (not counting 'repeats' and 'cheaters'), most together as a team. Obviously, there is a lot of work to do, and a lot of photos, to update our site!
Quandry Peak: July 1976 Brian and others; October 1979 Doug and others; July 1997 Doug, Kevin and Mike (his Son); June 1998 Doug, Wayne and Jane Colorado 14ers Climb Photo: Quandry Peak

Additional Colorado Fourteeners we have climbed:

Blanca Pk, Ellingwood Pk: August 1994 Doug and Brian
Sunlight Pk, Windom Pk: August 1993 Doug and Brian
Mt Sneffels: July 1990 Brian, Diane (his Wife) and Doug
Kit Carson Pk, Challenger Pt: August 1986 Brian and Doug
Castle Pk: June 1985 Doug and Brian
Mt Lindsey, Culebra Pk: July 1984 Brian and Doug
La Plata Pk: September 1983 Brian and others; 19?? Doug and David (his Son)
Sunshine Pk, Redcloud Pk, Handies Pk, San Luis Pk: July 1983 Brian and Doug
Mt Massive: July 1983 Brian (solo); July 1988 Doug (solo)
Mt Harvard, Mt Columbia, Mt Belford, Mt Oxford, Missouri Mountain: July 1982 Doug and Brian; June 1973 (Oxford) Brian and others
Mt Elbert: July 1982 Doug and David (his Son); July 1983 Brian and others
Mt Shavano, Tabeguache Mountain, Mt Princeton, Mt Antero: July 1981 Doug and Brian; July 1988 (Antero) Brian and Diane (his Wife)
Uncompahgre Pk, Wetterhorn Pk: August 1980 Brian, Doug and others
Mt Yale: July 1978 Brian and others; July 1985 Doug and Brian (half way)
Humboldt Pk: July 1977 Doug, Brian and others
Huron Pk: July 1977 Brian and others; 19?? Doug and David (his Son)
Mt of the Holy Cross: July 1976 Brian, Doug and others; July 1995 Doug, Brian and Wes
Mt Sherman: July 1975 Brian and others; July 1979 Doug and David (his Son)
Mt Evans, Mt Bierstadt: July 1972; Brian and others; 19?? (Bierstadt) Doug and David (his Son); August 1997 (Bierstadt) Brian and others
Grays Pk, Torreys Pk: June 1972; Brian and others; June 1979 Doug and others; August 1987 Brian and others; August 1988 Doug and David (his Son); August 1996 Brian, Diane (his Wife), Doug and others
Mt Lincoln, Mt Democrat, Mt Bross: July 1971; Brian and others; August 1982 Doug and David (his Son); September 1975 (Democrat), July 1979 (Lincoln) Brian and others
Longs Pk: July 1970 Brian and others; July 1978 Doug and others; August 1981 Doug and David (his Son)

Other Hiking & Backpacking Trips:

Colorado Trail Picture Collage
Central & Southern Utah : Fremont Indian SP, Burr Trail, Upper Calf Creek Falls, Zebra Canyon (Grand Staircase-Escalante NM, Bryce Canyon NP; Doug and Brian; September 2016 Travel Trip Photo: Tuff formations along day hike, Castle Rock Campground area, Fremont State Park, Utah
Southern Utah : Goblin Valley & Kodachrome SP's, Ding, Dang & Little Wildhorse Slot Canyons, Burr Trail, Bryce Canyon NP; Doug and Brian; September 2014 Travel Trip Photo: Southern Utah: Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park
Southern Utah: Paria Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon & Natural Bridges National Monument ; Doug and Brian; May 2014 Travel Trip Photo: Southern Utah: Paria River Canyon
Hiking, Camping and Photography Trip to southwest Utah: Escalante River area & Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park; Doug & Brian; October 2013 Travel Trip Photo: Escalante Natural Bridge
Hiking and Photography Trip to southwest Utah: San Rafael Reef, Grand Staircase-Escalante and Arches areas; Doug & Brian; May 2013 Travel Trip Photo: Delicate Arch in early morning, Arches National Monument
Hiking, Camping and Photography Trip to Northern Arizona & Southern Utah: North Rim of the Grand Canyon; Kodachrome Basin & Goblin Valley State Parks; Wire Pass & Willis Creek Slot Canyons; Doug & Brian; October 2009 Travel Trip Photo: Sandstone walls forming an arch, mouth of Wire Pass opening into BUckskin Gulch
Hiking and Backpacking Trip to Bandelier National Monument: Doug & David (his son); June 2008 Hiking and Backpacking Photo: David in front of Painted Cave, Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico
Boulder Grand Traverse: So. Boulder Pk, Bear Pk, Green Mtn, Flagstaff Mtn & Mt Sanitas; June 1999 Doug and Brian Colorado Hiking Trip: Boulder Grand Traverse

Other hiking and backpacking trips we have taken:

Appalachian Trail: Maine - Baxter State Park to Jo-Mary Road: August 2007 Doug and Jeff (a friend)
Colorado Trail: Fooses Creek to Sargents Mesa: July 1996 Brian, Doug and David (his Son)
Colorado Trail: Waterton Canyon: Doug and Brian

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