Travel Trip:

New York: Rose's 100th Birthday Party

North Carolina: Visiting Good Friends

May 2011
Ellen and Doug

Travel Trip Photo: Rose's 100th birthday party

Doug and Ellen took a trip to New York for Rose's, Ellen's mother, 100th birthday party. They flew to New York City with David and Amy (their son and daugher-in-law) for a pre-party dinner at Ellen's sister's apartment, then went to New Rochelle, NY the next day for the party and on to a post party at Ellen's nephew's home in suburban New Jersey.

Following the birthday celebration, Doug and Ellen flew to North Carolina to visit good friends in Davidson. Their visit included a hike to Linville Falls, in northwest North Carolina, and a walking tour of Davidson College.

We don't have a full trip report, but you can view photos of the trip .

You can also view Doug's slide show/video on YouTube of our Hike to Linville Falls 2011.


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