Contents Page: June 2003 RV trip - Kentucky, Tennessee trip

In June 2003 Doug and Ellen took an rv trip, with their Trailmanor travel trailer, across Missouri and the midwest to the Land between the Lakes in northwestern Kentucky, then Mammoth Cave National Park, then Cumberland Falls State Park, then down to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, then over to Lake Norman in North Carolina and, finally, back to the Smokies area in Tennessee for the Trailmanor Trailblazers 2003 Jubilee. They enjoyed sightseeing, photographing and hiking on their travel adventure.

Prologue: Visit to Columbia, Missouri for a family wedding

Land between the Lakes National Recreation Area in northwestern Kentucky

Mammoth Cave National Park in central Kentucky - the largest known single cave in the US

Cumberland Falls State Park, an enchanted land in eastern Kentucky

The Smokies: Great Smoky Mountain National Park in southeastern Tennessee and northwestern North Carolina

Lake Norman: Visiting friends in Mooresville, NC

Jubilee: Return to the Smokies and the 2003 Trailmanor Trailblazers Jubilee

Factory Tour: Visit to the Trailmanor corporate headquarters and factory in Lake City, Tennessee

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